Heaven Hammer Cold Brew Blend 12oz

Heaven Hammer Cold Brew Blend 12oz

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Heaven Hammer Cold Brew Mix

What makes Cold Brew so different? Cold Brew has a ridiculously low acidity and natural sweetness because it doesn't require heat during the extraction process. 

Brewing Instructions:
For the smoothest ride, add 1oz of course ground coffee per cup of COLD H2O and let sit in the fridge for 16 hrs. Filter & mix with milk, ice, or bourbon & smile away! 

The Blend - Both Direct Trade

Component 1:

Origin | São Paulo, Brazil      

Farm | Fazenda Laranjal

Altitude | 1000-1200m

Variety | Bourbon

Process | Natural


Component 2: 

Origin | Gitega region, Burundi

Producer | Murimirwa cooperative

Altitude | 1542m

Variety |  bourbon, jackson, mbirizi variety

Process | Washed