Serras de Minas - Brazil

Serras de Minas - Brazil

An exciting single origin coffee produced by Women. Women are increasingly present in coffee growing and taking over production on farms, this special blend reflects Brazilian women strength and personality.

Tasting notes: Blood Orange, Golden Raisin, and Butterscotch

Country | Brazil

Farm | Fazenda da Serra & Fazenda Cerradao

Producers | Danielle Fonseca & Laiz Figueiredo

Region | Sul de Minas

Community | Serras de Minas Group

Altitude | 900m

Variety | Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai

Process | Natural

Drying Method | Sun-dried

Direct Trade


About the Coffee:

Danielle Fonseca
Granddaughter and coffee farmer's daughter, she started managing the farm with her father in 2016, as early as 2018, when her parents moved to another city and her sister moved to Canada, she had to take over the management alone. Since then, she has been working tirelessly implementing sustainable practices, improving post-harvesting methods in order to show what is most special about Fazenda da Serra's coffee. Traceability of all steps involved in harvesting are available for all lots produced in Fazenda da Serra. 

Laiz Figueiredo
She graduated in International Relations with Postgraduate in Sustainability Management and Corporate Responsibility and she always worked with public policies focused on entrepreneurship and innovation as well as the area of ​​communication of research and teaching institutions. In 2017 she returned to her hometown and began working together with her father in the administrative and financial management of rural properties. Her farm works only with natural coffees and always seeks to maintain balance and sustainability, aiming at quality and social welfare of those involved. They have all the processes well defined and all operations are daily recorded which guarantees the traceability of all lots of coffee with detailed information and steps until the commercialization.